The Floyd Law Firm and its members have been continually serving the legal community for over 56 years. Senior partner Jack Floyd began his legal career in the Fall of 1953 and has been a continuous figure in the legal community in Gadsden and Northeast Alabama to this day. Jane V. Floyd joined the firm in 1993 after having been a teacher in the Gadsden City School System for 31 years. The Floyd name has always been associated with great legal services for a reasonable price in every area of the law.

Today when you have a legal matter arise you do not want to have to wait for two weeks to get an appointment to see your lawyer. This happens with many lawyers today who see themselves as more important than their clients. At the Floyd Law Firm you never have to have an appointment to consult with an attorney. Simply call or stop by the office any day and sign in and the next available attorney will speak with you. All consultations are free and you will only be charged a fee if we actually accept your case.

Today most law firms do not give the small cases the attention they deserve. At the Floyd Law Firm there is never a case that is too big or too small. We realize that to each individual their case is the most important thing in the world and they want their lawyer to feel the same way. At the Floyd Law Firm we do, we treat everyone the same and do our best to make even the smaller cases in the big scheme of things very important to us as it is to our clients.

If after we speak with you your legal matter is something that we can not handle we will make sure that you are sent to another attorney who specializes in the area that deals with your unique problem to insure that you have the best representation available. We will insure that you are not left without the best legal representation to solve your problem. All of this at no charge to you.